sensory from within

Explore. Discover. Experience.

Come explore the sensory world of autism and experience first-hand some of the diversity found on the spectrum. The Autism Discovery Tool is an immersive, play-based app where you freely explore the seven senses, each sense showcasing four variations on a "typical" sensory experience. Hidden tools can be discovered within each of the senses, providing sensory strategies as you fill each sense's toolbox. Try your hand at mini-putt, make a smoothie, sit in a classroom, or stand on a balance beam (to name a few) to better understand some of the strengths and challenges faced by those on the autism spectrum.

Education. Communication. Acceptance.

 Every person has unique sensory likes, dislikes, and interests. In a world that is not always sensory-friendly, understanding the impact of the senses on daily life for many autistic individuals can be challenging. The Autism Discovery Tool can be used by those on the spectrum to gain self-awareness and help facilitate communication and sharing, while siblings, parents, grandparents, friends, classmates, and others can use it to better understand autism. Used individually or with others, this app will empower users to spread awareness and embrace the diversity of the spectrum, individual differences and unique abilities alike.

Home. School. Therapy.

Families, teachers, therapists, and other professionals will benefit from the interactive, open-ended gaming style that enables low-barrier learning and facilitates communication for a wide range of ages, abilities, and communication styles. Around the kitchen table, in the classroom, or in a therapy session, the Autism Discovery Tool is a powerful learning tool designed to further the conversation. A better understanding of the spectrum will lead to happier and healthier sensory environments for everyone.

Our Philosophy.

The Autism Discovery Tool was created to be a fun, educational game that also serves as a communication tool to help with the conversation about autism and sensory in your life. The true experts on autism, those on the spectrum, are the voices behind the sensory experiences, tools, and overall messaging of the Autism Discovery Tool. The language used throughout this app includes both person-first and identity-first language to promote the sharing of communication about autism, in all forms! Lastly, this app offers an experience of only a small slice of the spectrum: there is too much diversity on the spectrum to be represented all in one place.

Feedback is a rich source of guidance, reach us at feedback@spectrumidealab.com.

The Autism Discovery Tool is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional or medical advice, consultation, or therapy.


Currently free on iPad, universal iOS update coming soon.